Getting Cosy

Everything you need & want to get into the spirit of autumn.

International Women’s Day 2019

Celebrating the history, diversity, and tenacity of womanhood in all its forms.

In A Different League

A deep dive into women’s football ahead of the 2019 World Cup.

What’s New In UK Beauty?

A weekly column dedicated to product launches in make-up, hair, skincare and wellness.


Part 1: What Exactly Is Shadow Banning?

And how does it affect minoritised users?

Part 2: How Shadow Banning Affects People From Different Communities

What would you do if your work, your body, or your life choices were deemed to “go against community guidelines”?

Why Do Millennials Fear The Sound Of Silence?

Our generation loves to sleep with background noise – but what does that say about our collective state of mind?

How Animal Crossing Anxiety Found Its Way Into The Real World

A new sense of competitiveness among Animal Crossing users has overtaken the feeling of peace and serenity their virtual islands once offered.

How Friends Fails Same Sex Families Like Mine

The portrayal of Carol & Susan’s relationships is laced with homophobia & ignores the joy that comes from growing up with two mums.

“Moving Mad” & Love Island’s Problem With Language Appropriation

The discussion around language appropriation is nuanced, but this year’s Love Island has placed its most problematic elements under the spotlight.